Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Bit Under The Weather

sick bed
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Max and Rebecca were decidedly not well on Monday. To the point that they welcomed the whole notion of seeing the doctor. So, being a very accommodating mom, I hauled them into the pediatrician.

Sore throats and a nagging cough led to strep tests for the both of of them.

It turned out in the end it was nothing more than a cold for a Max and the Little Miss has a case of bronchitis. No school for the both them, just a stern admonishment from the doctor to eat their vitamins and veggies, drink plenty of water and no playing outside. Rebecca got a script for antibotics and both are to take children's mucinex.

They still weren't up to snuff this morning, so I kept them home. Only this time things were a bit more boring. No tv and they could watch one movie after lunch.( I like to keep sick days on the boring side to prevent them from being too seductive.)

After breakfat they scampered upstairs and after a bit they called me upstairs to Rebecca's room. According to them, Max decided he wanted to take a nap with Rebecca. They decided that her bed was best and wanted me to record the cuteness.

And it was so very, very cute.

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