Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flat Stanley Redux

Max and Rebecca are in second grade and in our school this means "Flat Stanley."

I don't remember if Jake got to do it, but Nate definitely did and when he switched over to the center based gifted school in third grade he got to do it again.

Max's class has just finished the book ( A small boy gets squished flat, but is otherwise fine. He and his family discovers that he can be mailed and thus starts his adventures.) and have sent out their flat Stanleys/Stacys. Last week we were asked to send in a stamped envelope addressed to someone willing to host a Flat Stanley. I asked a friend of mine, who is a teacher in Portland Oregon, that just happens to be on sabbatical if she could do it. She was more than happy to take on the job and so off Stanley went to Oregon. My friend Kathy has already emailed us about his adventures and promises to give Stanley an exciting visit.

Meanwhile Rebecca's class has just started to read the book. We are trying to see if any of our friends in the Chicago area are up to the task. We'll know in a couple of days, which is plenty of lead time for Rebecca's project. We have friends farther afield, but the quick turnaround time makes the international destinations a bit problematical. Either way the main thing is to find someone reliable and enthusiastic.

It's a fun project and I'll keep you posted on what happens to our Flat Stanleys.

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Robbo said...

We had a Flat Stanley outbreak in my office a couple years ago on behalf of somebody's nephew. Stanley got to go on several field investigations. I, for one, snapped a pick of him on a lonely stretch of road on the Florida/Alabama border.