Friday, March 12, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?

I want to know where all my free time goes.

Oh I admit I spend far to much time staring at my computer screen reading just one more blog, but really where does my time go?

I'm a full time mom and theoretically once they are all in school I should have hours of freedom each school day. And yet I don't.

This week I had to take one kid to the ENT for a check up. I had a pie to bake and bring in for Pi day. (Which really is the most awesome day for me, I bake and I like math. March 14th is full of win for me.) I had to find a small motor and magnets for one child (hooray for Radio Shack) and divvy up change for two others.

Oh and cleats I had to get cleats and drive people to practice, both musical and sports.

Then there is the complex scheduling and figuring out when and where everybody needs to be. The first week of any new activity is always the worst.

So I guess it comes down to that I'm the mom and parents (cause heaven knows my husband has even less spare time) aren't allowed spare time.

And yet in the end it is all worthwhile when you get the big hug and shining smiles when it all comes together. My children do appreciate what we do for them and are very good about thanking us. Once in a while I'll drop the ball, but even then they understand. They see how much we do and realize they that in the end what matters is that they are loved. We expect the best from the them and in return we try to do our best for them.

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