Monday, March 15, 2010

Brazil- Ministry of Information

A scene from one of my favorite movies, Brazil. This particular clip is a wonderful depiction of bureaucracy run amok.

For years I've been thinking about getting Brazil. I've seen all three different cuts from the first studio cut, the much darker director's cut and the misbegotten TV version. I'm so enamored of the film I even got the book, "The Battle of Brazil," which details the struggle Gilliam had with the studio to make the movie he envisioned.

Last week I finally did something about it and the movie just arrived in the mail today.

I think I know what I'll be watching sometime this week.


Robbo said...

The first time I saw Brazil was in college at the campus cinema. For whatever reason, the only way to exit the theater was through a warren of tunnels which just so happened to look an awful lot like the dystopia of the movie. The movie had already freaked me out (as they say), but when I had to go though the tunnels, it was something in a near panic. A lot of my fellow audience members felt the same way.

I've never heard of the teevee version - is it the one that ends happily?

(BTW, Jonathan Pryce has long been one of my favorite under-appreciated actors.)

Sarah said...

Yes the tv version has a happy ending and completely misses the point of the movie.

And you are spot on about Jonathan Pryce.