Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lizard Princess Barbie

Lizard Princess Barbie
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I posted this earlier over on Facebook, but this was too good not to share over here.

I was not doing much the other day when Rebecca presented to me her creation, dubbed by Jake, Lizard Princess Barbie. My immediate reaction was laughter closely followed by the urge to take pictures.

It looks photoshopped, but it really is a Barbie head stuck on top of a lizard body. From what I gathered, Rebecca was picking up her room and in the process of putting away her Barbies a head popped off. Instead of replacing the head on the appropriate body, Rebecca elected to give Barbie a lizard body. I have no idea what inspired her, but I find it brilliantly inspired in a sort of twisted way.

The amazing thing is the lizard fits perfectly in the doll's neck hole. You can actually dangle the creation by the tail and the head stays firmly attached.

Thank you Rebecca, I really enjoy the laughter that your Lizard Princess Barbie creates.

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