Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Artist of the Week: Charles Ritchie

Blue Twilight 2
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This week I'm featuring an artist from the exhibit I visited up in Richmond. Before a few weeks ago I had never heard of Charles Ritchie.

Now I have become a big fan of at least one of his works, to whit "Blue Twilight."

Jake and I were both captivated by this piece the first time we went through the Surface Tension exhibition. It's a very hard piece to photograph to photograph well. It is a very deep, yet oddly luminescent shade of almost cobalt blue. As you draw closer you see trees formed of inky blackness and dotted with flecks of gold. Even closer you start to see the houses in the back ground. There is so much detail and depth captured on such a small canvas.

I could have stood there all day gazing upon this one piece. Rebecca was also captivated and it was a treat to see here exclaim over the same details.

Blue Twilight
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Here's another shot, this time lighten a bit so you can see a bit of the detail. But really, this picture is nowhere as good as the real thing.

The artist, Charles Ritchie has a copy of his journal online. If you head on over, and you really should, you get a peek at what he was thinking when creating this piece and yet another picture. It's even lighter than mine, so the image loses a fair amount of its depth, but then you can truly see the details. As I said, Blue Twilight is not an easy piece to capture with photography.

I would love to own a print or poster, but none are available at this time. Of course it would be a bear to reproduce it accurately, but so worth the effort.

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