Thursday, April 22, 2010

Azalea and Wisteria

azalea and wisteria
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The spring flowers really run riot here in the south. I'm just not used to everything having some sort of outrageous bloom.

I love the flowers that wisteria produces, but I hate how the vines snake all over the place. I need to hack them back, but only after they finish blooming. They kind of make up for my poor beleaguered azaleas.

My poor, poor azaleas.

I have both the pretty pink ones pictured and the plain white varietals. Unfortunately the deer like them as well and have pretty much decimated the poor things from about 4 feet and lower. There is one large bush, but the rest are struggling along. Just when I think that it's almost big enough to produce flowers the deer move through and nibble everything away, leaving behind the few buds they can not easily reach on the top.

I'm jealous of all the other homes I see with huge azaleas awash in bright colors. This is the price I pay for living in a neighborhood adjacent to a park.

Ah well, at least I get a few flowers here and there.

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