Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gap Tooth Cutie

Gap tooth cutie
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I go away for two nights and look at what I come home to.

Admittedly the tooth had been loose for... I don't know, months. Max had no interest in speeding things along and I saw no point in pushing it. I knew at some point it would drop out. I just didn't expect it to happen when I was up at Grandma's for a Bat Mitzvah.

When it did happen Max was at Meryl's and after the initial shock wanted to give either Larry or I a call. While Max was on the phone with me, Meryl took this unbelievably cute picture of his gap tooth smile.

Of course now I owe Meryl big time for so calmly dealing with the bloody mess.

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Alissa said...

heh, isn't that what friends are for? ;) How was the bat mitzvah? How did Sam do? She was wonderful, right?!