Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Artist of the Week: Self Portrait

Max and friends
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This week's artist is Mr. Max.

The picture I chose of him is from way back in September at the Amelia County Fair. He looks so cute with his stuffed animal prizes and the blue in his eyes seems to pop out a bit more. His eyes are very much like his fathers, a clear slate blue. As we like to say with his blond hair, blue eyes and CF he is recessive in every way except in personality. Like his siblings, he very much his own person. We have four kids and each one has very distinct personality.

Either way he is still my blue eyed little boy.

As to why I picked this particular picture, well it was just too good a match with this week's piece.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
While rummaging about the the piles of homework papers on the kitchen table I found this self portrait of Max. He didn't have much to say about it. Jake asked Max about the orange hair, but Max was not very forthcoming on the subject. I told Jake that in all likelihood this was the best match Max had in his box of crayons. Particularly since I just had to buy him a new box today to replace what few he had left at school.

I think it is a very cute picture. If you look carefully to the right you'll see a little green and brown figure. I think it's a sea turtle, hands down it's Max favorite creature. I'll have to ask Max about it in the morning.

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