Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's All About Good Customer Service

So far this week:

1) Riding mower is essentially fixed, all it needs is a new blade. Our new mower repairman, waived the service fee, because he didn't have the part with him on his truck and I said I could pick it up and do it myself. He then told me to call if I have any problems and he'll come out and help. He was a real find.

2)The front tire on Larry's bike has been replaced (It was the victim of a very unfortunate car backing up mishap). The best part was when I was dropping it off at my favorite bike shop, Bunny Hop. As I stood there discussing what needed to be done with Jake's bike I was asked by one of the guys in the shop if he could jump on the tire. I thought it was a decidedly weird request, but since the wheel was toast (It was Pringle shaped) I handed it over. He carefully laid it on the floor, considered it for a bit, and then jumped on it.


The wheel was back to normal shape.

All present were dully impressed. The wheel was still messed up and not salvageable, but it was somewhat usable if I had been stuck far from home on my bike. I had never seen that done before, it was educational and entertaining.

3) Jake's bike has been fixed up with wonky gears and rear derailer replaced. It should be much better now and will hopefully not need constant readjustment. All for less the $50. With quick turn around and outstanding service, that is why I have a favorite bike shop.

So yes, good service at more than fair prices still exists. You just have to look around.

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