Thursday, April 29, 2010


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We have had some utterly gorgeous weather lately.

On last Friday Jake, Rebecca, and I took a flight up to New York. The weather was stunning and Grandma took us to the Pepsico headquarters to tour the gardens. I already featured one sculpture here and I have a few more to share.

Today's work was created by Richard Erdman and is titled Passages. I love the stark contrast of the bright white stone against the cool lush green of the grass. Unlike most of the larger works that rest directly on the grass, It's set in a little isle on crushed white stone.

The sunlight was at just the right point in the sky so that the shadows weren't too distracting, instead they emphasize and define the shape of the sculpture. I usually gravitate towards more classical forms, but this one really grabbed me. Something about just made me happy. I would love to see it at different times of the year and see how it looks as the seasons change.

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