Sunday, April 11, 2010

Modlin Center for the Arts

I'm just posting this because I want to.

In order to go to the concert I attended at the University of Richmond, Jake and I were instructed to cut through the Modlin Center of the Arts.

I have never been to the University of Richmond and I was very pleasantly surprised by the campus. It's tucked in the far west side of Richmond and a pretty little jewel of a campus. Lots of green, green grass and brick buildings. The school was founded in 1830 and many of the buildings have a castle like flair.

Jake and I immediately noticed the fake portcullis at the entrance of the art center and really liked the effect.Inside was a very dramatic long corridor, paneled in wood with a great arching barrel vault of a ceiling. I loved the space and regretted not bringing my camera. I knew not all was lost, in a short time I would be back and this time with my trusty camera.

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