Thursday, April 08, 2010

Two Dog Couch

two dog couch
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Our solution to keeping dogs off the furniture is to give them their own couch. Technically it's a love seat, but we call it the dog couch.

We acquired the love seat from Larry's dad when his father was moving and no longer had any use for it. It's cushions were tattered and coated with cat hair, but that was no problem. We chucked the cushions and used a folded quilt as a seat pad and stationed it on our covered porch.

Two moves later the love seat ended up indoors with new cushions and became the dog couch. The dogs were happy and so were we. It's just low enough for them to leap on and it still looks pretty good. Particularly once I replaced the worn and broken seat straps with oaken slats.

John will occasionally nibble on the cushions, but on the whole they seem to respect it. At least it keeps them off the rest of the furniture.

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