Monday, January 28, 2013

Ode to Avalanche

In honor of the actual winter weather we have had this past week I present an Ode to Avalanche.

There is a whole science to avalanche control, enabling ski resort areas to determine if conditions are right for an avalanche and trigger them in a controlled fashion preventing, hopefully, accidental deaths when a skier happens upon conditions ripe for an avalanche. An added bonus is that a controlled triggering also enables them to be captured on film. Mind you an avalanche is still an incredibly destructive and powerful force regardless to what caused it.

Originally I found this over on SnagFilms, but the embedding options are awful. With a bit of poking about I found the Ken Bailey's (the director) YouTube channel and was able to embed the film the way I want.

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Diane said...

This is so cool - literally as well as figuratively, I suppose. So much power generated in those things, it's amazing.