Friday, November 24, 2006

Food, Glorious Food

Yesterday was nasty outside, but inside was lovely.

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I think this year’s turkey was the prettiest one I have ever roasted and was tasty to boot. Originally I was thinking of just getting a turkey breast, but I found a deal that was too good to pass up at my local supermarket. If I bought $40 worth of groceries (that is not a big deal for me) along with my turkey, the turkey would be only 25 cents per pound.

Hello turkey! So for less than $4 I got a beautiful 15, almost 16 pound bird.

The rest of the meal was equally good.

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This was my first attempt at “party potatoes,” a long time favorite from my mother. I decided to go with them because I wanted to make mash potatoes with and without garlic. Meryl and the kids are not big fans of extra garlicky potatoes, but Larry and I had a hankering for them. And here is another shot with one on my plate with a nice bit of gravy on top.

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After the main course the kids cleared out and the grownups got to partake in a very enjoyable “chocolate course,” courtesy of Meryl. If Meryl ever offers to pick up some chocolate for you do not refuse. She made some excellent choices and introduced us to a new to us candy, sponge.

Then we sat around and chatted until it was time for dessert.

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Both were so good and were a wonderful close to such a good meal.

And the best part, I got to have apple tart and pumpkin pie for breakfast today.

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