Monday, November 20, 2006

Once Again with the Cakes

I can officially say I’m all caked out. I have baked five cakes in the past month in addition to at least one batch of cookies, several batches of muffins, brownies a pumpkin pie and a bunch of cupcakes.

On Saturday Meryl came over to celebrate her birthday. The plan was for dinner and cake afterwards. She would show up sometime in the afternoon, visit for a bit and then enjoy dinner followed by Franken cake. Since my family was spending the day watching Jake play soccer in a local recreational tournament (Go Burning Llamas! Go!), I opted to go with something crock-pot friendly for dinner.

Originally I was going to bake the two cake layers on Friday, but my dishwasher decided to have issues that day, namely it wasn’t rinsing. I crawled inside, poked, prodded and even unscrewed the lower washer arm. Finding nothing obvious I put it back together and gave it one more try.

It worked!

Yay me!

However at that point I had only baked one layer and it was too late to make another.


It would have to wait until morning. Fortunately Jake’s first game wasn’t until noon and I could bake a cake and get dinner started at the same time.

It all worked out. Meryl showed up just as I started to fill it with orange custard and frost the whole thing with my favorite chocolate frosting. Due to her excellent timing the birthday girl got to like the frosting off the beaters. Yum!

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

I didn’t take any pictures before hand, but I think the above photo is better. You can actually see the difference between the two layers. The orange cake is on the bottom and the 1-2-3 cake layer is on top.

That is it for cakes for now. I think this is why I like ice cream cake for my birthday (December 7th if you want to know).

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