Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Three: Gifts!

Today the Axis of Weevil is in a gift giving mood, Terry posts the following:

What probing inquisitories do we have for you today? Well, seeing as how we are now officially into the Unspecified-Holiday Shopping Season, our seasoned team of university-based question writers wants to know the following things about you and your gifting habits.

Remember that anyone is free to play along by leaving your answer in the comments below or by leaving a link to your very own festively-decorated blog!

So, here we go:

1. Are you good at letting others know what you might want or need?
2. Are you good at shopping for others?
3. How much of your shopping this year (purchasing or looking) is being done online?

Now then, put down your packages and get to work answering those!

Oooo! Presents!

1) My family is very straightforward, we just plain ask. Also my husband and I are big fans of the Amazon wish list, which reminds me, I need to update mine.

2) I do a decent job of shopping for others. I’m fortunate that we limit our gift giving to the kids, spouse, my mother, my brother and his wife. There is an advantage to coming from a small family and converting to Judaism. For everyone else (our mail carrier, bus driver, teachers, etc) I bake cookies.

3) My shopping is about 60% online. With four kids my shopping time in brick and mortar stores is limited and somewhat chaotic. I try to pick up a few things here and there when I see them. As a result I’m almost done with Chanukah. I now need to concentrate on what to get my hubby for his birthday on Sunday. Oh and I refuse to go to the malls this time of year. The crowds, the noise and the lack of parking are very off putting.

This is a very interesting time of year for my family. Since we are Jewish we do the whole Chanukah thing with the kids. However we love to go visit Nana, my mother, and Christmas is her holiday. She loves Christmas and there is no way that I would deny her the pleasure of spoiling her grand children. That and we get a nice taste of real winter when we are up in Vermont. So we do both. Fortunately Nana has always had a very secular version of Christmas and growing our family never went to services. It has always been about family, food, gifts and the tree.

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