Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Three: This is What We Call the Muppet Show!

This week’s edition of the Thursday Three is all about the hand or possibly the sock. It is really up to you as Terry explains:

Myth! Myth!


Sorry, got Muppet fever for a moment there.

BUT WHAT BETTER WAY to lead into our “Sock-Puppetry Version” of the world-famous Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

Today we want to ask you three simple questions and expect highly detailed, well-though-out, laboriously researched answers in return. Or just any answers. As usual, anyone may play along--either leave your answers in the comment section below, or cutnpaste everything over to your own blog and leave a link.


1) Who is your most favorite puppet character (and no, it doesn’t have to be a Muppet), and why?
2) Did you have a favorite puppet that you owned as a child?
3) Do you ever engage in puppetry?

Now then, stuff your hand in a sock and start typing out those answers!!

Oh! I love The Muppet Show(warning, sound file). It was easily my favorite show when I was a kid and it is still funny today.

1)Picking a favorite is hard. I guess my overall favorite is the Cookie Monster. He does try to not eat all the cookies, but in the end his basic nature comes out and there is the wonderful moment of grand chaos as he inhales all the cookies. I love to belt out “C is for Cookie” whenever it comes on.

Then there is the Muppet Show and I have to admit that quite a few characters from it have a place in my heart. My favorite primary character is Gonzo, because he is so utterly bizarre. For secondary characters it is a toss up between Dr. Bunsen Honeydew with Beaker and The Swedish Chef(second link is a sound file). Which is ironic, because I used to work in a research lab and I love to cook.

2)I had a number of puppets when I was a child and my favorite was a huge Steiff rabbit. I have no idea what happened to it and I can’t find any pictures. *Maybe* I’ll find it when we next visit my Mom.

3)My brother and I used to put on all sorts of puppet shows. We had a little wooden puppet stage with a curtain. One time my brother was doing a bit with a puppet in each hand, he got so involved in the story that he forgot he was controlling one of the puppets. I remember watching the show with the top of his head just visible and he was staring at the motionless puppet. Suddenly it hit him that he was working the puppet and the show resumed. It was hilarious.

We have a few puppets kicking about the house; I think we have two bears, a sock puppet I made and the three little pigs in a little brick house. The older two boys were never very interested in puppets, but Max and Rebecca do put on the occasional show.

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