Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Artist of the Week: Greeting Card

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Rebecca is this week's artist. Nate took this beautiful picture of her a few days ago. I told him how much I liked the picture and he told me that it was just a random shot. He was just snapping away and impulsively decided to take one of his sister. Well talk about a lucky shot. She has such a relaxed and natural pose, all too often she mugs for the camera when I'm behind the lens. All I did was crop the picture just a little bit, everything else was perfect. Maybe I should let the kids take more pictures.

Anyway, Rebecca made this card yesterday. Max had brought home a "hand" turkey that he had made in class. Rebecca was a bit jealous because her class did not make "hand" turkeys. Right then and there she decided to rectify the situation.

Rebecca's card
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She fetched a piece of paper and had me trace the outline of her hand. She then colored it in and cut the resulting turkey out. She was so pleased with the end result she decided to make another one, only this time it would be in a card.

The front's piece is a bit plain, but it was all hand lettered by her. She at first was going to have me spell out the whole thing, but I offered to write it down so she could copy it over. I love how she just moves down the page as she runs out of room with no regard to what she is writing.

The center of the card is where she really shined. The turkey came out great. I love the little decorative flourishes with the leaves. I think what she was writing was "See turkey and hat" with the and understood. See is one of her sight words and I think she was very pleased to be able to include it in her card.

The back of the card is also something not to be missed. It features a very uprigt almost cheerful seeming pumpkin nestled in a bed of leaves.

I know I'm horribly biased, but this girl can really draw.

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