Friday, November 02, 2007

Finger Prints in the Butter

Rebecca loves butter. According to her, and I agree, almost everything is better with butter.

She is also a bit of a butter thief. Occasionally I'll find little dimples in the butter we have in the butter dish. They are in fact finger prints and are the handiwork of little Miss Rebecca, from the times she can't resist and helps herself to a little taste.

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A few weeks ago she was over by the butter and burst into tears. I came over to the sight of my daughter clutching the top of the butter dish in hand, tears streaming down her face and the bottom half of the butter dish resting upside on the stool she was standing on. I asked her what happened and she said she was just "sniffing" the butter and it fell down. I chided her for wasting the butter and salvaged what I could.

I wasn't sure if the tears were from getting caught, having something go wrong or losing all that butter. It was probably a complex mixture of all three since nothing is simple with Rebecca.

Tonight we dined with Aunt Meryl and Rebecca was happily eating a little bread with some butter. And yes, that is butter on her lips.

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