Monday, November 05, 2007

Pumpkin Buffet

Deer buffet
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Saturday afternoon I looked out the front door and saw three deer availing themselves to the pumpkins on our front steps. I gasped in surprise, called out to Larry and ran to grab the camera.

The noise I made was sufficient to spook two of the deer, but the one was greedy enough to keep on munching on my pumpkin. I was able to shoot the first picture through the window flanking the door. Rebecca then came in to see what was up and she too saw the deer.

I moved to another window to get a better angle when I heard a door slam in the background. The noise caused the deer to briefly lift its head, but soon it was back to chowing down on my pumpkin. Then suddenly the deer startled and looked up the pathway to the driveway.

eatin' my pumpkin
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At that moment I realized who slammed the door. It must have been Rebecca. Just before she came into view the deer bounded away and I told Larry "I bet it's Rebecca coming to see the deer."

And I was right.

Here is what is left of my poor little pumpkin. It was the ghost, but alas the ghost has been chewed away. I haven't seen the deer since Saturday, but the pumpkin has been getting progressively smaller and moving closer to the edge of the lawn.

poor pumpkin
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I guess the deer couldn't wait for me to chuck the pumpkins into the woods this year.

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