Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nine Years Ago Today

pumpkin chucking
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Nate came into the world.

Today he got to invite a whole mess of his friends over for his birthday party. It was quite a crowd and they filled our backyard with noise, laughter and non-stop activity.

The bouncy tent was, as always, a big hit. They also loved playing in the Little Tykes castle and the tree fort. But the big events were the pinata and the pumpkin toss.

Y'all know about pinatas, a candy filled object that you get to whack at. What boy could resist?

The pumpkin toss, the other hand, was something I dreamed up the other day. A lot of boys were coming over and I wanted to come up with some sort of game. Something a little different that they would enjoy. At the same time I was thinking about when I would chuck the pumpkins into the woods. I like to clear them out before Nate's birthday. Normally they get very slimy after about a week, but this year they were holding up very well. Then it hit me, I could have each kid pick out a pumpkin, schlep it into the woods and then toss it. Meryl thought it was great and Nate's face lit up when I suggested it to him.

So here is a video of the great pumpkin toss:

Good thing I carved so many pumpkins, I had just enough.It was a big success and of course it was followed by the pumpkin stomp.

All the kids had a great time and as a bonus I don't have to deal with the pumpkins this year. It really was a sort of Tom Sawyer moment for me, a whole slew of kids begging to dispose of my pumpkins.

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