Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Parent Teacher Conferences

Today was Parent Teacher conferences. I went to see Nate's teacher and Larry handled Max and Rebecca's.

Nate's teacher said pretty much what I expected. Nate is a fun kid to have in class and is much smarter than his grades show. His problem is that he rushes through things and never goes back to check his work. As a result he does a lot of silly mistakes that he would catch if he would just slow down.

With Kindergarten there was not much to report. As Larry views it, kindergarten is puppy socialization. The real hard core learning doesn't happen until first grade. Interestingly both Max and Rebecca got the same exact score in the reading assessment test. Then there were the funny observations about our children from the teachers.

According to Max's teacher he sometimes seems more like twenty than six. He is an extremely polite and articulate child that is very responsible about his needs. He reminds his teacher about his enzymes and dutifully keeps me informed about when I need to bring in something.

Rebecca's teacher, Mrs. S, had the best observation of them all. Larry and she got on the subject of Rebecca having three older brothers. Larry feels that they will protect her as she grows up. Mrs. S noted that her older brother was indeed protective of her, but her younger wasn't. But that was alright , because she knew how to put him in his place. Mrs. S noticed that Rebecca was fully capable of handling boys. At one point she saw little Miss Rebecca had a bigger boy in a headlock out on the playground.

I thought that was hilarious. Though I was a teensy bit mortified that my daughter was beating up on a boy. Then again, he had to have done something to provoke such a reaction from her.

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