Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Snow Post

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Except for the crusty bits on the deck, Saturday night's snow is gone.

Up next tomorrow we get to look forward to freezing rain, sleet and *maybe* a flurry of snow. In other words, another lame winter forecast. The winters of my youth were much better.

In this picture I'm about four or five at our house in Connecticut . My father dug us out and one of my parents snapped this as I moved down the narrow path. One of my earliest winter memories was during another big snowfall when I stepped in a drift and sunk past my hips.

My children got a taste of this about four years ago while at my mothers. She got over two feet of snow literally overnight. Max and Rebecca were far to young to remember, but the boys still talk of it with amazement. It's a pity we have to go so far north to get a bit of true winter.

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