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New York Moments

Proud Papa
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As part of our trip up north we spent a day in Manhattan to visit friends and meet someone (Ethan) for the first time.

The parents of Ethan are the very same people who got married last February. He is just a smidgen over a week old and we got to see him and his parents before we drove back home. There he is snug in his father's arms. I think his father is very happy with his new title of daddy.

Of course no trip to NYC is complete without pictures.

Since all six of us were heading into the city we decided to drive. I haven't driven much in NYC, so it was fun for me to play navigator and snap pictures while Larry manned the wheel. I got some classic shots when I remembered to take them.

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We crossed over Manhattan to the west side and then cut across at 57th and then dropped down Broadway. It was fun pointing out landmarks to the kids as we drove down Broadway. The Flatiron building is one of my favorites and I was pretty happy with the picture I got. Traffic was moving fairly well until we headed into times square. At which point we then realized that the next day was New Year's eve.

All sorts of things were being erected in Times Square, from stages to sound systems and a car up on a pedestal. We tried to figure out where the ball was going to dropped, but it was too quick. I have never done the Times Square thing at New Years, standing outside endlessly in the cold surrounded by strangers is very unappealing to me. I'd rather be at a party (or parties!). Anyway the crowds were not too bad, but we did get redirected to 7th ave. Which we didn't realize until a few blocks later. But it was not a big deal and we got to show the kids Madison Square Garden, a far more meaningful landmark to boys.

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In addition to all the landmarks NYC is filled with surprising details. At one point we were driving by one of the ubiquitous fast foods joints when something caught my eye. There was a line of seahorses done in what appeared to be ironwork above the restaurants awning. I don't know why they were there, but I was able to grab a quick photo as we passed by. I found them to be utterly charming and I was glad I saw them.

Then there is the downright odd.

dead santa
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It was a true "only in NYC moment" when this decidedly bizarre vehicle was in front of us. At first I only saw the two "Santas" hanging off the sides and the pile of junk on top. I didn't deem it picture worthy until I got a good look at the trunk. The dead Santa inside with a bony claw snaking out to clutch a club's name on a battered piece of wood was worth breaking out the camera. We followed the car for a few blocks and every time traffic slowed pedestrians would take pictures. It is a very effective for of advertising.

It's a good thing we don't do the Santa thing or I think this would have traumatized the kids. There was the potential to freak out Max (skeletons are very bad in his books), but his siblings had enough sense not to point out that aspect of the display in front of us.

Nate & Ethan
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Soon we reached our destination. I think the hardest part of the trip was finding a parking space for the van. The rocket box was on top and quite honestly when it is on the van it is too tall to fit in most parking garages. After dropping me off with the kids Larry was able to find a legitimate (and free!) spot not too far away.

It was great seeing our friends again. The new daddy is Larry's oldest friend and is called Uncle Johnny by our kids.We hit it just right and got to see the rest of Jon's family. Ethan's Bris was that morning and Jon's parents (who were almost Larry's second parents when he was growing up) along with Jon's brother (another good friend) and his family were still there.

Those of us over the age of eight got to hold the baby. Rebecca was kind of interested, but didn't sit still long enough. That's Larry's hand helping Nate support Ethan's body. It was a good visit and Ethan looks like a fine addition to the world.

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