Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's a Barbie World

Barbie is a major player in this household. Growing up I was never a fan of Barbie and I had reservations about her when I became a parent. Then Bratz came out and Barbie started to look pretty good. Rebecca is a huge fan of Mattel's web site and she has all sorts of Barbies in her room.

But this is not about Rebecca, it's actually Nate that inspired this post. I noticed lately that he has been singing a bastardized version of "Barbie Girl." A few days later I was revisiting one of my favorite websites, Skippy's List, and from there to Skippy's blog. It's been a while and while reading up I click over to this gem:

I had to share this Nate. At the tender age of 9 he is already a huge history channel fan and has announced to us that he is going to join the military when he is an adult. I knew he would get a kick out of this. It combines the military, his new favorite song and a big dose of silliness.

And boy was I right.

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