Monday, January 07, 2008

The Best Present

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We didn't get to see my brother when we were visiting our mother, but he did leave us a present in the garage. He had flown in to see our Mom a few weeks earlier and picked out a beauty of a toboggan for us.

It's huge and can actually hold all of us if we squish ourselves just a bit. Every parent we encountered at the sledding hill admired it, the kids were no so impressed. But after a run they would realize that the old fashioned toboggans are still pretty cool. I would invite younger kids to ride down with us when it looked like they were being left out by the older kids in their group. Rebecca loved it when we picked up two extra girls and had an all girl sled run.

It has a very smooth ride as the wood flexes over the bumps on the the hill. My brother apologized for the lack of padding, but the sled really doesn't need it. It naturally has a far less jarring ride than the plastic sleds.

Here is a little sample of what it's like. The camera does bounce a bit, but that's due to the camera operator (me) than the sled.

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