Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Too Picky For My Own Good *With Update!*

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I have a purse and it is perfect for me. It's a small Coach bag that I bought about 10 years ago. I remember debating with myself if I should splurge or not. Obviously I decided to buy it and I never regretted that decision.

But, sadly, all good things come to an end. After 10 years, four kids and endless miles of schlepping it about, the bag is showing its age. The seams are worn and in spots all the way through. So now it is time to find a replacement.

I did the sensible thing and checked out Coach bags both online and in stores around town. Unfortunately Coach no longer makes my bag and the ones they do have I do not want. They are either ugly or too big. I favor a small bag that I can sling over the shoulder or across my body. I like having a flap, not zippered, enclosure.

purse contents
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As you can see in the next picture I really don't carry much. I have my wallet, my coin purse, the check book and my cell phone. Not pictured is an assortment of bits and pieces of paper, old receipts, a tube of lipstick and some key chains (you can see some of the paper peeking out o the front pocket). In a pinch I can also cram in a bottle of Max's enzymes and a small thing of apple sauce. But that is it. I travel light and I like it that way.

Most bags I find today are far too big. I just want another plain and simple bag.

I'll just have to keep looking. Maybe I can send my old bag back to Coach and get it refurbished. Any ideas out there?

Update: Ha! I went on eBay last night and lo and behold I found a black version of my bag. I was able to snag it today for just $25.50 and that includes shipping. I love eBay.

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