Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can I Play?

Can I Play
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I took this picture about 5 years ago, Rebecca is just about a year old and Nate is about 4.

Nate was practicing piano and Rebecca was fascinated. She wasn't really walking yet, but she loved to pull herself up and plunk on the keys along with Nate. He was very patient with her and I think he liked the attention.

Today was Rebecca's turn to play piano, she got her first official piano lesson. We started her after Max because she wasn't quite read, but he was. After watching he twin for a few months Rebecca started to ask us how to play. She would carefully pick out the notes of one of the beginning pieces. She just had to get her confidence up and see that she could do it before committing to actual lessons.

Our piano teacher is fabulous with children and It went very well today. Rebecca breezed through the first lesson and is already starting to play along with the CD (it was weeks before her brothers could do that). Having Rebecca wait until *she knew * she was ready really paid off.

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