Friday, January 18, 2008


I love Max and Rebecca's teachers. I think both of them got placed in the right classes for them.

Rebecca has a very experienced teacher who has the calmest and best behaved class in the school. She is not at all mean, she expects such behavior and gets it. Rebecca looks forward to school each day and is genuinely upset when she can't go.

Max's teacher is much younger, but started in the Richmond public school system. Nothing fazes her. She is positive and has a very dynamic teaching style. Best of all she completely gets Max and all his little quirks. He is not her only special health needs kid in her class. One of his classmates has a severe peanut allergy which makes Max's need for enzymes and unlimited potty access small potatoes.

But, and you new there was going to be a but here, things are a changing in Max's classroom.

His teacher is pregnant and is due mid March. Which is a bummer for the class, but she would get them through most of the year before handing over the class to her replacement. Unfortunately she has transitioned into a high risk pregnancy and had to stop as of last Monday.

She wasn't in on Monday and that wasn't a big deal. Tuesday and Wednesday she was again absent. When Thursday rolled around and Max got a substitute again I knew something was up. That evening I got an email from the room Parent (the parent that helps the teacher organize all the in class parties throughout the year) that told us what was going on and that Max's teacher wouldn't be coming back.


Now I have to reintroduce myself and bring up Max's needs with a new teacher. I'm lucky that Max has become the darling of the office staff (he sometimes dances for them when he goes in to get his enzymes). They look out for him and very very conscientious about his enzymes. Max too is very careful about such things and does not hesitate to speak up for himself. I just wish it wasn't happening.

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