Monday, January 14, 2008

Nope and No way

My dog oriented email lists are abuzz with about the latest Pamela Anderson tour de force: Blonde and Blonder.

Mind you it is not a good buzz.

The Empire Film Group announced last week that they:
will donate all of its net theatrical revenues from the forthcoming release of the comedy "BLONDE AND BLONDER" to the animal rights charity PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), an organization supported by the film's star, Pamela Anderson. The film will open in theatres across the U.S.A. on January 18th, and is expected to generate tens-of-thousands of dollars for PETA.
There is absolutely no way I will support an organization I loathe. Mind you I don't care for Ms. Anderson either, but Peta is dedicated to the elimination of companion animals.

The quote that really kills me follows:
"We wanted to do something different and something positive," said Eric Parkinson, CEO of Empire Home Entertainment, the distribution division of Empire Film Group. "The agreement to donate theatrical revenues to PETA was important to Pamela Anderson and could inspire greater attendance for the film. Their group performs important educational and legislative work for animal rights, and we're honored to support them."

Noooo, more like a quasi-terrorist group that wants to force its views on everybody else if you ask me.

I know that the net profits are never very much, but it is the principal of the thing. This little announcement guarantees I will not go to this film and I hope you will skip it as well.

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