Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Artist of the Week: Drive By Photography

push over
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This week's artist is Rebecca.

In this picture she is being bowled over by little Dell Junior, aka DJ. He is just like his uncle Dell, from his kissy snoot all the way down to his waggy tail. We were told that DJ is a dead ringer for Mr. Dell at this age, hence the name. He certainly is a happy little fellow and very affectionate.

Rebecca thought is great to visit the puppies and loved every minute of it. Being pushed over by DJ was fun. She deliberately wore the brown outfit so as to resemble the puppies. She loves animals and baby animals doubly so.

I too love animals and it warms my heart to see her rolling around on the ground with a litter of puppies and having a great time.

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Another thing Rebecca and I have in common is an artistic bent. She is endlessly drawing pictures, just like I did at her age. We also enjoy photography. Whenever we are out and about and I am taking pictures, she'll at some point ask to use the camera. I'm happy to let her use it after I have her recite the rules: wear the camera strap and don't touch the lens.

One form of photography I delight in is what I call drive by. Whenever we are going somewhere and Larry is driving at some point I'll start taking pictures though the car's windows. One example of this is the picture of George Washington bridge. I love the intricate girders with the cables swooping behind. If you click on the picture it will lead you to my photostream and a picture set of some of my drive bys.

new construction
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Rebecca did her very first drive bys this weekend.

We were driving home after attending a faculty recital at VCU. I had my camera with me and I had shot some pictures of the houses surrounding the concert hall. It was the golden hour and I loved the warm tones on the restored Victorians. At a stop sign I even indulged myself in one drive by of Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Rebecca then commandeered the camera at got a whole slew of pictures. The last one is featured here. It is of some new construction near the Federal Reserve in Richmond. I think it is a very interesting photo. If you click on through you can see Rebecca's photoset. Another good picture is the one she shot through the front windshield. You can see Jake sitting in the front along with a view of Richmond's city streets.

It looks I'll be letting her do more drive by photography.

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