Monday, February 16, 2009

Baseball and Puppies

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We had a very busy weekend of baseball and puppies.

Nate got to be a bat boy for the VSU baseball team. Larry took this picture of Nate in the dugout with the team. He also got some video of Nate in action, but I don't have a patience to fool around with the clip and upload it. The team seemed to be a really nice group of guys and the coach invited Nate to come again.

As for the puppies, well we got to see Dell and John's nieces and nephews again. The pups are 8 weeks old and still very cute.

Once again they swarmed all over us, tails a wagging and giving kisses to everybody. This time it wasn't quite so nasty outside so we were able to go out for a bit with the pups. Thhe two girls pictured here are messing about with a small rake kept in the pen.

I am pooped and I think I'll head to bed. I have way too many pictures to sort through.

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