Friday, February 13, 2009

I Think She Really Likes It

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Rebecca asked a while ago for a canopy for her bed, she has a lovely four poster and I understood her request. I looked around for a bit at ready made curtains and even considered making one up, but I never did see anything I liked.

One possible option was one of these hoop style canopies, but I never got to see them in person and I wasn't quite sure if they would work with a full sized bed. I really didn't want to go through the whole hassle of ordering one and finding out it was too small. The ones I liked were not particularly cheap so I shelved the whole idea.

That is until today.

I was out shopping with Meryl at Ollie's, a bizarre overstock outlet. While searching for the George Forman iGrill (It's MP3 ready! And it was so weird we had to see it for ourselves) we saw a canopy wadded up on a pile of other stuff. I shook it out and saw that it was huge. I looked around for any more, ideally one with a price tag and in some sort of container, but it was the only one. The canopy is fairly simple, white netting on a wire hoop with pastel streamers bedecked with flowers, just the thing for Miss. Rebecca. I gathered it up and tossed it into the cart. At the checkout the price was quoted as just under $10. Sold!

After I got home I installed it above her bed with one little cup hook screwed into the ceiling. It drapped nicely over the frame and fit the bed perfectly.

Jake was the first one home and his reaction upon seeing it was "whoa."

When Rebecca got home I told her I had a surprise in her bedroom. She tore up the stairs and was stunned when she first saw it. I found her standing stock still, just blinking her eyes in amazement. I had to ask her if she liked it.

I told Nate to go take a look when he got home and Jake urged him along. He flew upstairs and bellowed out "Wow!" A bit later Max ambled by to see what all the fuss was. I think his reaction of all the boys was the best "What da heck is that!"

Happy Valentines Day Rebecca.

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