Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday Three: Self Improvement

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Axis of Weevil Thursday Three! Today Terry poses questions on SELF IMPROVEMENT!
1) What one language would you most like to learn to speak, or at least understand?
2) What one skill would you most like to learn?
3) What one character flaw would you most like to rid yourself of?

Well we could all use a little improvement, some more than others. I myself am in the middling range; not perfect, but not beyond redemption.

1)This one is easy, Hebrew. I would love to be able to read, write, understand and speak Hebrew. I am able to do the basic blessings and sing a few songs, but that’s it. My two oldest are in Sunday school and they are learning all about it, I wish I could too. When the kids are all older and off to school I’ll try to carve out some time to learn.

2)Typing would be a very useful thing to learn. I’m able to peck things out one handed at a decent clip, but I know I could be much faster and more accurate. I did not learn typing in High school, because the teacher was an utter dragon and I did not see the point of torturing myself.

3)My endless ability to procrastinate. I keep putting things off and putting them off until I get into a pickle. I do best with clear and absolute deadlines, but if there is any slop I grab it with both hands. The less I like a task the more I procrastinate.

That’s it for me folks. I’m downright pithy today. Now I’m off to lunch with Meryl.

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