Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief

I haven’t much to add on the subject, other than that I send all that are affected my prayers. It is a truly horrific situation. As a parent I feel for all those families that have lost everything. As we all know many have lost not only their homes, but family members too. The charity that I’m promoting is United Jewish Communities (UJC).

Then as a pet lover I shudder to think of all the animals that were lost. The zoos and the aquarium survived Katrina intact, but sadly the staff at the Aquarium of the Americas was forced to evacuate due to the looting and violence in its surrounding area. This site by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association has updates on the status of AZA member institutions in the affected area. I recommend two charities for the animals. The first one is Noah’s Wish, a group dedicated to rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters. The second one is the AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund. I currently have a beef with AKC, but they do have a good organization and they pledge that 100% of your donation will directly fund relief efforts.

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