Monday, September 21, 2009

Armed and Dangerous

fix the chair
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... with a staple gun.

Today I finally got up out of my chair and did something about it, literally.

This is what my poor chair by the computer looked like. The fabric was tattered and torn. The foam cushion beneath was shredding off, exposing the board it was glued on. Annoying bits and pieces of the foam are littered about the floor.

It was not a pretty sight and not terribly comfortable.

I like to think that even Dell was upset by the this sad, sad wreck of a chair and is begging for me to fix it. In reality he couldn't give a rat's patootie, all he wants is food and tummy rubs. But I do care and today was the day, I had all the materials- new foam cushion, sturdy fabric and a staple gun.

much better
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Having learned the hard way how messy a project this can be, I dragged the chair out to the deck to strip away the old fabric and foam. It took all of 15 minutes, then another 20 to cut out the foam and drape the fabric. The only snag was that I didn't have quite enough staples. However, I was able to tack the fabric down well enough until I can get more.

John seemed pretty happy with the final results and it is much cushier now with the new foam.

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