Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Artist of the Week: Research

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Max is this week's artist. Larry got this picture of him at the Amelia County Fair a few weeks ago. In fact Larry, for a change, was taking the bulk of the fair pictures this year. I only took a few and honestly his came out better. I instead focused my energies on the demolition derby that evening. Anyway Max looks so serious on his motorbike and as an added bonus I see little Miss. Rebecca is in the background.

I really like our camera, this is yet another great shot straight out of the camera. If you pay attention you can get some great pictures with our little Fujifilm Finepix. Some day I learn how to use the more advanced features, but for now the fully automatic and natural light modes are just ducky for me.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
As for the art portion of this post, I present to you Max's first grade Animal Research from last year. It was of course no surprise to me that Max choose to research sea turtles. They are his absolute favorite animal. His love for them is so great that he was even motivated enough to learn how to properly spell turtle. Pretty big deal for someone who can't be bothered with vowels half the time.

This was from the end of the year and his handwriting has come a long, long way since the start of first grade. I love his illustration of the sea turtles in their habitat. The two turtles on the far right are chasing jellyfish, the one on the left is in pursuit of a fish and the one in the middle is diving down with its mouth wide open for a bite of seaweed.

It doesn't have a grade on it, but I would give it a well deserved E for most excellent.

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