Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Artist of the Week: Poetry

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This week's artist is Nate.

Lately it has been all football, all the time. We elected to keep him on the minor team again this season. He is not particularly big and we felt he would be a little more likely to be squished if he played in his actual age group. He still easily made the weight cutoff, he is just not allowed to advance the ball since he is a "striper." (Stripers have a one and one-half inch wide stripe six inches long running horizontally across the front and back of his helmet. The stripe shall be of a contrasting color to the helmet.)

Mind you can still do kickoffs and all other types of positions. Nate will be starting in both offensive and defensive plays and be doing the kickoffs. As a result he was like a wet dishrag by the end of the first game.

Nate's Dell Poem
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Anyway, I was cleaning out the kids backpacks and supply bins a couple of weeks ago before the start of the new school year. Amongst all the papers and such I found a book of poetry Nate created last year in school. They are simple little poems with illustrations accompanying them on each page.

The poems are all original compositions created for certain themes presented to them by the teacher. The illustrations are a mixture of clip art and his own drawings. My favorite of the lot was the one titled Dell, I'll rewrite it here so it's a bit easier to read. The white type on the cute little puppy clip art is not very easy to read, particularly in the small picture here in the post. I could make y'all click through to the large image, but then you are still stuck with the white typeface.

So here it is, Nate's poem from his Poetry Collection.


Dell is a crazy little dog.
Now he's sniffing a log.
He runs all around, and now he's down.
And he makes a great big sound.
Now he's eaten a hog!
You are a crazy little dog!
Now he's run into town,
And he eats the ground.

It's a charming little piece. Nate loves Dell dearly and I think it shows.

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