Friday, September 25, 2009

Tres Leches

Tres Leches 2
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Ree over at Pioneer Woman is a very, very good cook. She also is all funny as get out and is a hoot to read. If you don't know about her go over right now, I'll wait.

Anyhoodle a few weeks ago she posted the most divine sounding recipe, Tres Leches. I mentally bookmarked it as one to try and waited for the right occasion.

Last weekend I had a dog club potluck to attend, as per usual I volunteered to make desserts. I figure I should stick with my strengths and my club is always very, very happy to eat my baked goods. So I made my flourless chocolate torte ( dead easy and delicious) and the Tres Leches.

Oh my.

It was goooooood.

It perfectly complimented the dense chocolaty goodness of my other offering. And even better, it too was dead easy to make. It is not at all a fussy cake to bake. Especially if you follow along on Ree's website. She loves to take pictures of each and every step.

So head on over and try out her Tres Leches cake, it's worth the calories. You can always say it's for swine flu prevention if you use vitamin D fortified milk.

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