Monday, September 28, 2009

A Plague Is Upon My House

This weekend proved to be interesting.

The soccer players in he family, Jake, Nate and Rebecca all got to play their games before I sallied forth off to a dog club event on Saturday afternoon. Upon my return all seemed well, I was able to see off Larry and Nate before Nate's football game.

Then my little house of cards fell down.

Jake has had a cold for the past week. Nothing serious, he had just your run of the mill runny nose and cough. After Larry and Nate left, a half an hour had barely passed when Jake gave me an update about how he was feeling. With a blanket clutched around his shoulders he uttered the following:

"Mom, I don't feel very good. I get hot then I get cold."


A classic flu symptom and here I was stuck at home with three kids on a Saturday afternoon. I really did not want to drag Max and Rebecca along on what could be a potentially long wait at the nearby walk in clinic (aka the house of germs). So I decided to wait until Larry was back to wrangle the rest while I take Jake to the clinic.

And yes, my fears were borne out- Jake has the flu. However because we jumped right on it, he was proscribed Tamiflu and it is really helping him beat the flu. He might even be back in school on Wednesday. Hooray for modern medicine!

Meanwhile Nate was definitely not himself. He didn't eat much on Saturday and wasn't his normal energetic self at the game. This was not a good sign. We packed him off to bed and decided to keep a wary eye on the boy.

On Sunday he was mostly his old bouncy self, that is until the end of the day. He started to complain about a sore throat and didn't have the same amount of spunk (he is a child that positively vibrates with energy if does not have recess at school). It was late and he didn't have a fever so we decided to wait. That's the hardest part of being a parent. You want to make them all better at the first sign of illness, but if you go too soon they'll have a false negative. We needed to wait for a clear sign such as a sudden spike in fever.

Today he was just able to drag himself out of bed and all he wanted for breakfast was toast. He had a hacking cough, looked miserable and felt worse. I looked into those sad brown eyes and told him he could stay home from school, but I was going to take him into the doctors. I wasn't sure what he had, but he needed to be checked out.

And guess what, it turns out he has strep throat. It was such a classic presentation the Doctor didn't even bother swabbing his throat. Nate had the start of an ear infection (which is typical for him and Strep) so we got a scrip for antibiotics and were sent on our merry way.

So between the flu and strep, I really don't recommend your stopping by our house anytime soon.

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