Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I Really Like About School

Like most parents that send their kids off to school, there is a big sigh of relief once the bus comes that first day of school. I love the resulting peacefulness that descends upon the house.

I'm not knocking motherhood, but the 24/7 aspect of summer vacation does wear a bit thin as the days stretch out. The constant noise and activity can be a exhausting. Mind you I don't get off completely scot-free, the first hour that they get home is breath taking in the sheer volume of noise and energy. They have spent the day apart and it is so exciting to be reunited again.

But the best part when they are off at school is lunch. No longer do I have to figure out what they want and make it. It's just me, myself and I. I still have to pack it in the morning, but that's easy. What makes lunch on my own so very, very nice is that I can eat any dang thing I want and not have to defend my questionable dietary choices or be a paragon of nutritional virtue. And I'll admit that sometimes I'll have a nutritionally bankrupt lunch. In fact during the first week of school I gleefully called up Meryl and announced I was having just potato chips for lunch.

It was great and I didn't have to share.

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