Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm So Looking Forward to Tuesday

I think I'll spend the whole day in bed.

Today I had to:
  • Take Nate north to the orthodontist and then walk him over to his father's office building.
  • Wash Dell and do his nails (he's going to some dog shows this weekend).
  • Pick up the rest of the kids and drive south to Jake's school for his open house.
  • Where we discovered his schedule was all out of whack and had to get it reconfigured.
  • Then back home to pick up Dell, school supplies and soccer gear.
  • Drive east to hand Dell off to his co-owner as she passed by on the highway en route to the aforementioned show.
  • Then head back west to drop Jake off at soccer practice.
  • Go to Max and Rebecca's school to drop off school supplies and hopefully meet their respective teachers (sadly both of their teachers had left before we got there).
  • Drive north again to Nate's school and drop off his supplies and meet his teachers (we did better there and got to meet one).
  • Head back on down to Jake's soccer practice (We were actually early!) and pick him up.
  • Grab some dinner and head back home.
  • And as a special bonus I went out one more time to get some caulk to reseal the shower.
And all of this started at 1:30 pm. I'm so glad I could hand Nate off to Larry because, get this, Nate had an official scrimmage today while I was driving all over creation.

I can't wait for school to start.

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