Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Artist of the Week: Clay Bird

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We are back, tan, rested and ready to rock.

This week's artist is Rebecca, who is now all arms and legs. It's amazing watching her grow up. She still is the feral princess (and always will be), but she has changed so much this year. I think of her being my little girl then I remember that she'll be in second grade next week.

She is very independent, which is no surprise considering her maternal line. She descended from a long line of independent women. She'll insist on doing things herself and will keep at it until her age catches up with her and she melts down in a rather dramatic fashion. But slowly she is learning to regroup herself and make a small attempt at reigning in those storms.

Sort of, because she is feral and she is a princess.

cardinal L
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Anyhoo, this week the spotlight is on a little clay bird she brought home at the end of first grade. It's just the cutest little thing and is the mate to Max's little bird featured here.

Rebecca's cardinal is a jaunty little fellow that also fits snugly in the palm of your hand. He actually suffered quite a bit during the journey home, his tail is bent, a wing fell off, and as did the end of his beak Both were quickly reglued and he seems none the worse for wear.

Right now he sits by my computer and I find his cheery presence and nice bright spot amidst the clutter.

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