Monday, May 23, 2005

A Dog Show and Some Parties

As I mentioned on Friday I went to a dog show Saturday. I got up early, bathed the dog and left to meet my friend. She was bringing her finished champion for the best of variety competition. We would be taking her van. It is always nicer to have a traveling companion. We got there in good order and scouted out the show site. It turns out that the dachshunds would be indoors. I was slightly disappointed. I really wanted John to get some experience with outdoor rings and tents.

It was nice, if a bit small and I got to see a few friends including Kandee and Andy (Diane’s daughter and husband). John however seemed to be a bit stressed and was not at the top of his game. He was a complete noodle dog and looked awful. He placed third in his class and deserved it. Afterwards he seemed to relax more and enjoyed sitting in various laps ringside. I guess I really should make an effort to show up early so that John can decompress after the ride to the show. I remember with Crunch (his father) I would have to endlessly walk about with him to burn off his excess energy. It was a learning experience.

Well, that is the whole point of showing him now. I need to get a feel for what he needs and I need to expose him to as many situations as possible. When he is a bit older and more mature he will be ready for the show ring.

Because of our less than stellar performance I was done early in the day. My friend also finished quickly, it was a huge specials class and her girl looked nice, but wasn’t flashy enough to be noticed. So we were back on the road before 11:30. Traffic was a bit heavier going south so we ended up going on route 1 for a bit. I ended up getting home at about 1:45pm. I just beat Larry and the kids getting back from Jake’s end of season soccer luncheon.

The party was originally scheduled to be at Cici’s Pizza, but it was jammed so they ended up going to a buffet next door. The place is primarily Chinese, but it had a wide variety of selections. The high point for the kids was the soft serve ice cream station. Larry said it was fairly tasty and very inexpensive. Nate said it rocks.

Later that afternoon we had Meryl over to help us out with the kids. There were a few things we wanted to do without swirling chaos at our feet. Originally I thought we would have her come late afternoon, having forgotten the birthday party that Nate had been invited too. I ended up being the one to take Nate. It turned out that the whole family was invited, but we did not find this out until the night before. We already had invited Meryl and Larry had other things to do. The plan was after Nate and I get back we would have a nice dinner with Meryl.

The party was... interesting. It was supposed to be a birthday party for a six year, but it felt more oriented for adults. Nate had a good time, but the party was much too long. Most birthday parties are over in two hours. It wasn’t until after 2 ½ hours that that the cake was finally served. A couple of families had already left and a fight had broken out among the children. Nate was a good egg and tried to break it up. It was simply a case of overtired children acting out. We ended up bolting our slices of cake and leaving.

Dinner, as a result, was late. We still enjoyed it, but I wished I had not been trapped at the party. Even Nate thought it was too long.

Sunday was less exciting for us and I have already written about the big news.

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