Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Week of Cakes

It’s staff appreciation week at my children’s elementary school. For me this means it is a week of cakes.

I like to bake so this is fun for me. I get to make three cakes and then send them off to be consumed elsewhere. The only downside is the limited feedback (it is very hard to interrogate a kindergartener and a first grader) and I don’t get to have a slice. Mostly it’s that I don’t get to have a slice.

Last night I made two flourless chocolate torts. It is a wonderful dessert, moist, fudgy and totally decadent. It is very much like an amazing brownie. I decided on this particular cake because it is very easy to transport. Also their intended recipients, Jake and Nate’s teachers, both love chocolate. Nate’s teacher took it home to share with her family while Jake’s teacher shared it with the whole third grade team.

The third cake is a Mexican Chocolate Cake. It is intended for the staff luncheon on Thursday. The theme, appropriately enough, is “Cinco de Mayo.” I have never made it before, but it reads well. I figured I would give it a shot. I’ll bake the cake tonight and decorate it tomorrow.

The children are also requested to make cards and/or pictures and to bring flowers. The PTA even came up with a schedule. This is of course totally beyond me.

The traditional way I approach this week is to obsess about my luncheon contribution and only remember the rest on Monday. I ignore the planned schedule and do what works for me. Today was flower day and yesterday was card/picture day. We did nothing for Monday and my children brought in my kick-butt cakes today. Tomorrow they will bring a small plant(s) to their respective teachers.

This is Nate decorating his flower pot.

Nate's flower pot
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

I put the s in parenthesis because I got two plants for Jake to choose from. Of course my son went for plan C and wants to give both. It is kind of hard to fault a child for being generous.

Wednesday night we will try to work on some pictures.

It would be nice to recognize the other teachers and staff that affect my children’s educational experience, but Jake and Nate are uninterested. Maybe I’ll make another cake for the office staff.

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