Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fashionable Thursday Three

From Terry we get the following:


Well, probably not very many other things, but be that as it may, if you've never participated before, be sure to participate today in our little quizzical diversion, because the Thursday Three is going into summer hiatus, and the producers of the show are not yet certain if it will return to the fall schedule.
In order to provide you, the reading audience, with the finest question-answering experience possible, we have a fine young writer named
Dan (who is skinny) come up with the following set of burning, must-read, must-answer queries about your darkest secrets. As always, anyone may play along by either leaving your answers in the comments below, or a link to your blog with your answers. So, sit back, turn up the volume, and let's see what happens:

Your food court hilarity (which seems to have brought the lurkers out of obscurity) gave me some ideas. They may need work.
1) What is, or was, your favorite style of dress, or a particular item of clothing you remember fondly from childhood?
2) What style of dress do you remember being humiliated by as a kid, but your mother made you wear anyway?
3) What dress style/clothing choice do you remember as being unbelievably cool at the time that now makes you cringe? Would you actually burn pictures of yourself in the outfit if you ran across them now?

1) I was never a fashionista and I never will be. I was (and largely still am) a tomboy. Oh, I do like to dress up and be all girlie, but I’m usually in pants and a shirt. I clearly remember telling my mom at one point that I would no longer wear skirts. I do not remember ever having a favorite item of clothing, except maybe my riding boots. I was horse crazy and I loved taking riding lessons. I took very good care of my boots.

2) I don’t remember my mom ever forcing me to wear anything. I was pretty cooperative. My brother was a different story. There was a time he would only wear brown pants and shirts without buttons. He would pitch an enormous fit when he was forced into a dress shirt.

3) I guess it would be my fuchsia jumpsuit circa 1982. I don’t think I would burn any pictures of me in it, but it was so very 80’s.

I don’t have a lot to say on this subject. I know I have made some poor fashion choices over the years, my post pregnancy leggings come to mind, but I generally gravitate towards the classic and not the extreme. When I dress up now it is either for a date with my husband (sexy) or for a dog show (think boring suits that show off a red dog). Right now I’m infatuated with a new pair of shoes. I think they are very cute and I have gotten numerous compliments about them. Here is Miss Rebecca modeling them:

Fashion girl Posted by Hello

Of course I have to include this one of Max in his own creation:

Heffalump Max Posted by Hello

He was very proud of it.

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