Monday, May 30, 2005

State of the Union

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Is doing very nicely.

Around mid-day on Saturday we told the children that we would be going out to dinner without them and spending the night elsewhere. Grandma and Grandpa would take care of them while we were away. The older two accepted the information with only a token resistance. Jake wanted to come to dinner with us; I replied that we would be eating at a place that serves snails. A brief look of horror crossed his face and then he asked me if I would be eating snails for dinner. My reply was probably not.

Max and Rebecca were a little harder to sell the idea. In the end I pointed out that if they stayed home they would be getting coffee cake (sitting on the counter) for breakfast. If they came with us they would miss out on the cake. I then told them we would be back around lunchtime. This seemed to work.

Later that afternoon we made our escape. I changed into an item of clothing that I never wear around children, my pretty WHITE linen pants with a spray of embroidered flowers. A simple purple top and my new super fantastic shoes completed the outfit. We loaded the car and calmly said goodbye. Our destination was The Hotel Jefferson.

We arrived there in good order and checked in. Our plans were to simply enjoy each others company without the distractions of our energetic offspring. Larry had made a reservation at the hotel’s 5 star restaurant, Lemaire. We have eaten there before, it is expensive, but both the service and food are superb. A couple of books to read completed our plans.

The room was a bit small, but very comfy. The last time we had stayed our room had a tiny balcony. This time we had none such luck. Otherwise it was very nice. When the appointed hour for our dinner reservations arrived we changed into more formal attire.

The meal was incredible. We were there for over two hours. The staff was attentive, but not intrusive and they never rushed us. The food was even better. There weren’t any snails on the menu, but I did have the foie gras as an appetizer.

During dinner we discussed catching a movie, but in the end we decided against it. We were very content to just head back to our room.

Waking up was a nice long affair. No small voices demanded our attention. Our only tasks were to go downstairs for breakfast and to be checked out by noon.

We made it home before lunchtime. Max practically leapt into my arms when I entered the house. He was very pleased to have us both home. Grandma and Grandpa gave a glowing report on how well everybody behaved. Grandma then stated that she always thought she had the world’s best grandchildren, now she knows it is true.

All in all it was a lovely way to celebrate our 13 years of marriage that had followed our 7 years of dating. I was 19 when we first started going out. I have been with Larry now for over half my life. I look forward to what the future beings the two of us.

I love you Larry.

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