Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

I have written a bit about my mother before on her birthday. Today in honor of mother’s day I’ll tell y’all a bit more.

This is my mother and my father before kids.

My pretty mother with my handsome father. Posted by Hello

My mom has always been a bit ahead of the curve. They waited awhile before having kids. At one point their home was right smack on the beach. A hurricane, however, swept it all away. The house they are in front of is the one they got afterwards. Built on solid ground and the one they started their family in. My mom was 36 when she had me and almost 40 when she had my brother. Practically unheard of in the sixties, now it is commonplace. Now that I am knocking on 40, the idea of having an infant now is exhausting. Her one piece of advice to me on having children was to start earlier than she did. I fully understand and appreciate that advice now.

After my father died she moved us to Vermont from our home in Connecticut. She wanted to start anew and she was told by my teachers that the high school was sadly lacking. Some childhood friends of hers told her to come join them up north. The town where we moved to has a much better school system. It was quite an undertaking for a newly widowed mother of two to pull up stakes and move.

She was considered by my friends to be the coolest mom. She didn’t try to get all buddy-buddy with us, she just let us be. I could have my friends hang out at my house well past midnight as long as we weren’t too loud. The few times we were, she would peer downstairs and quietly request that we keep the noise down. No drama, just a simple polite request. As a result we were always happy to comply.

My brother cleared out the second floor of our barn (downstairs was the garage) and had parties. If my mother or my brother thought it was getting out of hand mom would throw the circuit breaker to the barn, which was conveniently located in the house, effectively ending the party.

Here is a picture of her with me. I am pregnant with Nate and holding Jake.

Me and my Mom Posted by Hello

We go up north at least twice a year to visit Nana. The kids love seeing her, I just wish it could be more often.

Happy mother’s day! I love you mom!

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