Monday, October 10, 2005

Early Morning Follies

An amazing thing happened this weekend, or rather not much happened.

Due to the heavy rains we received all day Friday and that extended through the weekend Jake’s soccer tournament was cancelled.  Jake, understandably, was disappointed and I was a little bit too. I felt bad for my son and I knew that our next tournament wouldn’t be as a nearly convenient. All of his games were scheduled at the fields closest to our house, a mere 12 minutes away. On the plus side we didn’t have to go anywhere Saturday morning and we could sleep in!

Of course the kids did not understand the idea of sleeping in. At 6:30 am I awoke to my darling daughter’s voice. She was in bed and shouting out to us “I want to get dressed!” It was so absurd my husband and I had to laugh. I at first tried to ignore her and then I staggered out of bed and went down the hall. I poked my head into her room and told her that it was still night (thankfully it was so overcast that it was still dark out) and that she should go back to sleep. She acquiesced and settled back into bed. I then went back to my own bed.

Fifteen minutes later Nate popped into our room. He made a beeline for our bed, but I waved him off to the chaise. He happily bounced over there until I asked him if he had gone potty yet. “Oh yeah! I hadn’t done that.” So off he went to the kids’ bathroom. I snuggled back into bed.

At 7:30 Nate decided to practice piano, loudly. I vainly tried to go back to sleep when he finished, but it was impossible with the overall din. I lay in bed until a bit before 8 when I finally threw in the towel.

The day did improve and we all went to see the Wallace and Gromit movie. If you are a fan of the earlier shorts you will not be disappointed. The kids were riveted and only the youngest two had a bathroom run during the film, pretty good for our crowd. I won’t say much about the movie itself other than I liked the bit about the organ music and the homages to King Kong and the Red Baron.

Oh and on Sunday, when at the very least Jake and Nate have to get up early for Hebrew school, they all slept in. Argh!

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